Track 8. Application of Mobile and Software As A Service (SAAS) in learning processes


We have reached a point where mostly all Learning Management Systems provide a mature stable virtual extension or emulation of the classroom environment, well integrated with the back office and academic curriculum management. However, technology moves fast and society is keeping a good pace behind it. Smartphones and tablets have rendered obsolete the computer labs or computerized classrooms in less than 3 years since the launch of the first iPad. App Stores in all platforms – mobile, desktop and web based- have provided ecosystems where developers of all kinds are innovating fast, creating new kinds of apps and services and iterating over new ways managing, sharing and discovering information and knowledge of all sorts. Some of this innovation is focussed towards learning, and is happening outside of the Learning Management Systems and the classroom itself.


Pedagogical Innovations involving Mobile and SAAS

  • Learning and Teaching Methodologies
  • Evaluation and Assessment of Student Learning
  • New Learning/Teaching Models
  • Collaborative and Problem-based Learning
  • Learning Tools
  • Educational Software Experiences
  • Videos for Learning

Integration of mobile and SAAS tools in the Learning Process

  • Architectures, technologies and standards
  • User experience design (mobile and SAAS)
  • Cloud Computing aspects
  • Legal and privacy issues
  • Business Models

Massive Online Open Courses

  • MOOC Learning Design
  • MOOC Case Studies
  • Mobile and SAAS as enablers of MOOCS
  • Plagiarism
  • Business Models

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Session will be composed of five-minute oral presentations on different topics, each speaker has to propose a couple of questions related to the topic presented to be discussed with the audience. The results of the debate should be included as discussion in the final paper and editorial of the track. Lest do some collaborative stuff on our own!

Language: English


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Track Scientific Committee

Dr. Marc Alier Forment (Barcelona Tech, Spain) – Chair
Dra. María José Casaño Guerrero (Barcelona Tech, Spain) – Chair
Miguel Ángel Conde-González (University of León, Spain)
David Fonseca Escudero (La Salle University, Spain)
Eduardo Gómez Sánchez (University of Valladolid, Spain)
Francisco José García Peñalvo (University of Salamanca, Spain)
Enric Mayol Sarroca (Barcelona Tech, Spain)

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Marc Alier FormentDr. Marc Alier Forment
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